Our government seems to be between a rock and a hard place.

Lockdown and damage the economy; don’t lockdown and risk lives.

Follow a regime and stay as safe as possible. Rigorous hand washing, social distancing, avoid crowds, wear a mask.

 Since the last time we wrote our blog on the eleventh of April in the midst of the first wave of pandemic we might have been forgiven to think that the spectre was receding.

Last time, the sun was shining. This time it is still doing its best to cheer us all up.

But this time it seems that far from receding, the danger is very much out there and causing even more heartache and tragedy.

Cases seem to be increasing and the second lockdown will be upon us within hours.

But the advice seems muddled and confusing.

There are fourteen new national restrictions applying to England.

They range from ‘stay at home’ through ‘where and when you can meet’ to ‘financial support’

For the full story Go to Coronavirus (COVID-19) National Restrictions from November 5.

Like last time we wrote this blog, we must not forget that Our National Health Service is not just ‘THE NHS’. It is an army of ‘people’ who, ignoring the danger this virus poses to them, their families and others who care for us when we are unwell, continue to work tirelessly to ensure our wellbeing.

In practice this all means that, first and foremost, we must adhere to the government’s instructions.

Best regards. Stay safe.

Julian Willmott