On a busy charter or private yacht, the jacuzzis and pools can be used constantly. Frequent use exposes the surface finish to ultraviolet light, sand, suntan oil, corrosive chemicals and extremes of temperature. This bombardment can lead to a rapid degeneration of the gelcoat surface. Using the latest techniques and materials, we offer an on-yacht service to provide full surface restoration, returning the jacuzzi or pool to its as-new condition. All work includes a 12-month warranty.

The cost-effective way to return your pool or jacuzzi to as-new condition

With as little disruption as possible, we arrange for the crew onboard to erect a tent over the jacuzzi or pool and remove all the hardware such as jet nozzles, lighting, filter housings and controls.  In the meantime, we arrange for all the required materials to be shipped to the yacht in advance of our specialist team’s arrival.

All work carries a 12-month warranty.

Once our team are on site, the process is as follows:

  • Preparation of the existing gelcoat by abrading all surfaces
  • Application of new laminate with vinyl ester resin
  • White Isopol gel coat is then applied as required
  • Colour added to match existing
  • We then match exactly the intricate profiling and finish with progressive 3M wet and dry sanding up to 1,500 grit abrasion
  • Surfaces are machine polished using 3M fast cut compound and residue is removed ready for the application of the Ceramic Coating

Pre-season maintenance

We also provide a cost effective annual pre-season inspection and re-polishing service to ensure the jacuzzi or pool is always at its very best.