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No. We are a fully mobile service. Our team comes to where your boat is moored or laid up. Our mobile workshops allow us to do most jobs on site. However, sometimes we may ask you to take your boat to a particular yard or location depending on the nature of the work that has to be done. We can make arrangements for transportation at your request.

Yes, we work anywhere within reason. We have even carried out major repairs in the Falkland Islands.

Yes. Dullness is due to the action of sunlight, salt spray and general wear and tear. If the degradation is not too bad, we can revitalise the faded white or coloured gel coat by compounding and re-polishing. In very bad cases, the gel coat can be re-gelled or even painted, another service that we provide. Once our work is completed, the gel coat will be in a near new condition and there will be reduced discolouration in the future due to the protective wax seal. 

Yes. Blistering below the waterline can be treated by local attention or complete gel peeling. The treatment comprises peeling and blasting to open up the blisters, followed by filling and fairing to reinstate the underwater profile and then by the application of multi-coats of a protective epoxy resin. We offer a long warranty on these repairs. 

Yes. We have developed a method of matching the surface of the repaired area to the original. 

Yes, we are called upon by many major marine insurers and surveyors.