GRP Boat Repair Specialists LTD was established in 1992 by Julian Willmott

GRP Boat Repair Specialists Ltd is owned and led by Julian Willmott.

Julian has over 40 years experience working in the industry, when he started repairing boats back in 1978. Before that, he spent time building fishing boats in Iceland and learning the trade. Decades of experiences has enabled Julian to turn boat repair into an art rather than solely a job.

And because Julian’s passion lies with boats – he holds a great love for sailing – when he undertakes work for his clients he treats each craft as his own and bestows time and care with astonishing attention to detail, along with his skilled workforce.

Julian’s knowledge and experience are augmented by his team of expertly skilled operators, in turn earning the company its reputation for very high quality workmanship.

GRP Boat Repair Specialists work with marina operators, boatyards, charter companies, insurance companies, surveyors and private owners to provide the very best you can get in repair and refurbishments.

Julian Willmott
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