GRP are celebrating another successfully completed project – this time a complete refurbishment of a Hunton 43!

The team were approached by a client needing some support in a new investment. The client bought a Hunton 43 in Monaco, but it was clear she needed some extensive tender loving care.  

Team GRP set to work fixing, designing, painting and more resulting in her being sent back to the client even better than she was originally! 

A comprehensive refit and refurbishment of the upholstery, teak decking, hull, superstructure, interior, electrics and below the waterline was carried out. All elements were given detailed attention, the team working hard to bring each back to its original state.

The original hull surface was re-conditioned and finished in black. The superstructure has, quite fittingly, been matched to the colour of the owner’s Aston Martin DB11!

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A fresh re-condition is applied.